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      Ortoalresa was born in 1.949 as centrifuges manufacturer. 70 years later, is a proud for us be a reference in European manufacturers scene, sharing experiences with our customers worldwide. Hard work, talent, commitment and enthusiasm have always been the life force driving Ortoalresa name to be a synonymous of expertise in centrifugation.

      Ortoalresa(歐薩)成立于1949年,是一家實驗室離心機設備制造商。 70年后,我們很自豪能成為歐洲制造商,與全球客戶分享經驗。努力工作,智慧,交流和熱情一直是推動Ortoalresa這個名字成為實驗室離心機品牌的重要力量。



      Our goal is not to be just another option, it is be a Company that stands out from the rest by going beyond the standard, we look for solutions based on innovation and sustainability. This philosophy drives us year after year to being choose by more customers as the best option for vanguard laboratories, avoiding stereotypes and creating own environments based on real requirements.



      The company is characterized by its integrity, agility, perseverance, excellent service and continuous improvement, always in compliance with international standards for management system, being certified under ISO 9001 and ISO 13485. In the same line, we anticipate the entry into force of new regulations and standards, thus offering our users the maximum advantages around their safety and their processes in a responsible way with the environment and people.

      公司的理念是誠信、敏捷、堅持不懈、優質服務和持續改進,始終符合國際管理體系標準,通過ISO 9001ISO 13485認證。同樣,我們期待加入新生效的法規和標準,從而以負責任的方式為環境和人員提供圍繞其安全性和流程。


      The communication is the key tool of the present and future, moving the lab concept over the lab walls, due to that Ortoalresa manufactures are provided of cutting-edge technology for communication between the user, devices and the manufacturer.



      Ortoalresa establish alliances worldwide being present in all market segments as industry, research, biotechnology and environment labs. The resilience of the company moves it to be pioneers in introduction of the most sophisticated systems in the regular lab centrifuges redesigning the centrifugation concept beyond the separation.



      A family business that aims to integrate our partners, users and associates to create a platform that allows us to offer real solutions.






      400 8816 976

      (周一至周日9:00- 19:00)

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